SOG SAT004-CP Flashback

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SOG SAT004-CP Flashback


SOG’s SAT004-CP Flashback is a rugged, durable little folding knife that’s perfect for everyday carry. It has an ultra-tough stainless-steel reinforced nylon and fiberglass handle, titanium-coated 3.5” AUS-8 stainless steel blade, and SOG’s patented assisted opening mechanism that makes deploying this knife with one hand a breeze. If you’re looking for a tough utility folder that can cut through everything you throw at it and still retain a razor-sharp edge, then this might just be the perfect knife for you. Take a look at our in-depth SOG Flashback review and decide for yourself.


The Flashback’s handle is at the core of what makes this one of the best SOG tactical knives on the market. It’s overbuilt and durable, with a rugged design that’s made for hard work. Not only is the core of this knife made with premium fiberglass-reinforced nylon, SOG has capped it with stainless steel in order to increase performance and durability.

When it comes to SOG specialty knives, the Flashback stands out above the rest in terms of its outstanding ergonomics and balance. It’s designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and provides a textured resting spot for your fingers and thumb to reduce slipping. In fact, if you’ll be using this knife when your hands are slippery or wet, you’ll notice right away how secure it feels in your hand.

SOG’s Flashback is, in some ways, a very traditional design. It’s a pocket-friendly folder with a 3.5” blade and an assisted opening stud, which is nothing new, but what helps the Flashback stand apart from the competition is SOG’s well-known commitment to quality. Every part of the blade is engineered to perform the sort of daily utility work that can wear down a lesser knife. Where other manufacturers fail, SOG specialty knives get the job done.

The tanto point design of the Flashback’s blade adds a lot of strength that comes in handy with everyday use. A tanto point, because it isn’t as narrow at the tip as other styles, can take a lot more abuse. Even heavy work, like prying, won’t immediately damage the tip of this knife. It’s also very sharp, which makes it great for thrusting through difficult materials like thick plastic or heavy denim.

Another excellent feature of the SOG SAT004-CP Flashback’s blade is the titanium coating. While AUS-8 steel is stainless and resistant to corrosion, the titanium layer is much harder than the knife’s steel. This will prevent scratching and keep your knife looking new for much longer. Titanium is also exceptionally slick, which helps to assist with difficult cuts and adds a lot to the feel of this heavy-duty knife.

Finally, one of the biggest features of this blade is its ability to hold a razor-sharp edge. None of the other work that SOG has put into making this knife tough and durable matters much if it needs constant sharpening. AUS-8 has a higher carbon content than 440SV or other, cheaper, steels which means it can take and hold an edge better than most similarly-priced knives.

One great feature that left-handed users are going to love is the fact that the SOF SAT004-CP Flashback has a reversible pocket clip. That means that you can easily carry this knife on either the right or left side of your body. Coupled with the fact that this knife can be opened and used with one hand, the Flashback is a convenient knife to have at your hip.

One of the trademarks of SOG tactical knives is their innovative and secure locking mechanisms. When you carry a folding knife, especially one designed for heavy duty use, it’s nice to know that the blade won’t close when you need it most. You’ll notice that, when you flick open your Flashback, there is very little movement or play in the blade. The Flashback’s piston lock isn’t used as frequently as cheaper liner locks, but it’s much more smooth and secure.

  • Knife measures 8” open, 4.5” closed, has a blade length of 3.5” and weighs 3.8 ounces

  • Hollow ground razor-sharp AUS-8 stainless-steel blade with a brutal tanto point

  • Titanium coating protects the blade from everyday wear and tear

  • Stainless-steel reinforced nylon and fiberglass handle is practically indestructible

  • Uses SOG’s patented piston lock for an extremely secure blade deployment

  • Assisted opening features makes it easy to flick this knife open one-handed

  • Excellent handle ergonomics means that this is a great knife for extended use

  • Can be carried right or left-handed thanks to an easily reversible pocket clip

  • Backed by a lifetime replacement warranty from SOG Knives

  • Final Thoughts

    There’s no doubt that the SOG Flashback is a durable folding knife that’s perfect for everyday utility use. In fact, it’s one of the toughest SOG tactical knives available. Its mix of premium steel, high-quality fiberglass-reinforced nylon, and a secure piston lock make the Flashback stand out above most compact utility folders. The fact that SOG has also added a lever-style assisted opening action and some of the best available ergonomics shows just how committed they are into making a knife that’s practically unstoppable, even when it gets oily, wet, or muddy.

    If you’re looking for a folding knife that can tear through cardboard, punch through thick plastic, and make quick work of wood and fabric, then this folder is an excellent choice. Above all else, it’s an outstanding value, and it’s hard to find another knife from any manufacturer that can match the quality and price of the Flashback. This is one knife that has a place in just about everyone’s pocket.