LaCrosse AeroHead

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LaCrosse AeroHead


Exceptional waterproofing, perfect for swampy territories

Non-loading rubber outsoles designed for muddy terrains and snowy weather

Astonishingly lightweight and flexible

Don’t require a break-in period


Unsuitable for hot weather due to poor ventilation and airflow

Lightweight cushioning that doesn't provide much arch support


The LaCrosse AeroHead Men’s Hunting boots are a full-length set of lightweight boots which excel in the water, snow, and mud. They’re made using a combination of rubber and nylon on the upper, rubber outsoles, and closed-cell foam for the liner and insole. These boots retain an incredible amount of flexibility, especially considering the protection that they offer. They also come with special outsoles which help to prevent mud, dirt, and ice from sticking to your soles and throwing off your stride. Whether you want a pair of warm, lightweight winter boots or you need to keep the water off of your feet in the swamps and marshes, the AeroHead line of hunting boots from LaCrosse is an excellent choice.

  • Full-size men’s hunting boots, come up to just below the knee

  • Rubber and nylon mesh bonded uppers

  • Tough construction resist cuts, snags, and abrasion

  • Fully waterproof uppers and *outsole so you’re sure to stay dry

  • Moisture-wicking l*iner to keep your feet comfortable

  • Non-loading outsoles are specially designed to shed snow and mud

  • Rated to be warm* and cozy all the way down to -*30F

  • Snug buckle and strap closure

  • Thick foam insoles cushion your feet on long hikes

  • Surprisingly light at only 2lbs per pair