Columbia River Knife M16-14ZSF

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Columbia River Knife M16-14ZSF


Extremely durable stainless steel blade

The blade features a non-reflective bead-blast finish, essential for activities that require camouflage

Great value for the money


The blade gets dull easily and requires regular sharpening


The Columbia River Knife and Tool's M16-14ZSF is a folder knife designed to be extremely durable in adverse conditions. The M16-14ZSF packs a high number of great features to help it do so, with just some of them being a stainless steel blade, a rigid InterFrame build and more. The perfect camouflage pocket knife, the M16-14ZSF is also a great knife for the hunter enthusiasts.

Another great thing about the blade of the Columbia River Knife is the fact that it doesn't feature a mirror finish. Instead Columbia has focused on delivering a non-reflective bead-blast finish on their M16-14ZSF, which make the pocket knife perfect for any camouflage requiring activities, such as hunting.

The stainless steel of the folder make it extremely durable under any conditions and also make it quite easy to sharpen up, when compared with carbon steel knives. The Columbia River Knife itself features AUS-8 stainless steel and while it does not provide you with the same quality of the VG10 for example, AUS-8 is an extremely great choice when considering the best value for the money, as it performs extremely well. The only true setback of this steel is the fact that you'd have to sharpen your blade more often, as the steel becomes dull more easily. However, it is nonetheless a great choice.

  • Weight - 6.3 Ounces

  • Length of the Blade - 5.4 Inches

  • Overall Length - 9.25 Inches

  • Bead-Blast Non-Reflective Finish of the Blade

  • Hollow Grind Blade Design with Triple-Point Edge Serrations

  • AUS-8 Stainless Steel

  • Glass Filled Nylon Handle Material

  • 4 Position Clip Carry System

  • Locking Linear Locking Type

  • AutoLAWKS Safety System
  • Final Thoughts

    The Columbia River Knife M16-14ZSF is one of the most affordable hunting folder knives that also provide you with extreme quality. While you would have to sharpen your blade more often, the stainless steel featured on the knife is nonetheless extremely hard and durable and will prove to sustain even the most adverse conditions. What's more with the lock mechanisms in place, you can rest assured that the knife you will be using is safe and secure. Designed to be a folder tactical knife that is great for camouflage activities, the M16-14ZSF is also perfect for hunting. While it is quite bigger than the usual pocket knives, you may rest assured that this is the better option for the hunting enthusiasts, at it provides you with a more durable, almost fixed-like tactical knife overall. The Columbia River Knife M16-14ZSF is simply a great affordable pocket knife for the hunting enthusiasts.