Best Gun Safes Reviewed and Rated

Ever wonder what could happen if your child or a burglar gets their hands on your firearms? Using a secure gun safe is one of the easiest and best things you can do to ensure you and your family’s safety. Gun safes might seem like just another piece of hardware, but it’s the most essential piece of furniture that keep your firearms and guns locked away in a safe secure container. However, many states don’t require your firearms to be stored in safes, there are many that do. Regardless of what’s the law in your area, it’s always advisable to keep your firearms locked away, preventing children and unwanted persons to have access to them.

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SnapSafe Lock Box
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GunVault Gun Safe
  • GunVault Gun Safe
  • 4.6 out of 5
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First Alert Safe
  • First Alert Safe
  • 4.2 out of 5
  • Secure
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Gun safes are the protective cases for your firearms or prized possessions that keep intruders away and can also help the guns and the ammunition safe in a secured place, in case of emergencies such as a natural disaster. With crime escalating at an unprecedented rate, if you own a firearm it’s necessary to keep it secure and packed away in a safe place. Additionally, a gun safe keeps your children out of harm’s way and holds all your important documents locked away securely and great for some extra cash lying around.

Should You Need a Gun Safe?

best gun safes

  • If you own a firearm and still on the fence about whether to buy a gun safe or not, you have to understand the fact that security is the utmost concern when it comes to owning firearms. Plus there are strict laws against not having your firearms stored in a locked safe in several states, for which you could be fined or face jail time.
  • Besides keeping your firearms away from the hands of a thief, a gun safe can protect its contents from a fire as well. Although a fire may prove detrimental to your property, at least you can sure know your weapons are safe.
  • You can’t always keep an eye on your kids and leaving them to find your firearms somewhere could be devastating. Studies suggest nearly 8% of deaths from accidental shooting results from shots fired by children under the age of six.
  • Theft is the worst thing you have to worry about. Unsecured firearms are potential targets for thieves, which they may later sell or use them for their own personal safety. Firearms are a valuable possession which becomes even more valuable in the hands of those who have no other way of getting their hands on one.
  • Speaking of keeping your firearms away from the reach of children, many states have legal laws stating that you do so. You’ll want to check local laws to check if you fall under these regulations, but those who do, have to keep their firearms locked away from the reach of children if there are any in the vicinity.
  • Revolvers or pistols are decorative items or the most prized possessions for the firearms enthusiasts, so having a gun safe in your house can be a great addition to your home décor. After all, you can’t deny that there’s something majestic about a large, decorative gun safe.

Things to Consider When Buying a Safe


There are quite a few things to consider before you go out and purchase a gun safe. You need to understand the important features before making the investment in keeping your valuables safe and out of harm’s way. Furthermore, you need to evaluate the key points before making the purchase and our goal is to ensure that you get the best one depending on your needs and requirements.

Size – Before you purchase a safe, you’d want to consider how much space it has inside it as you need to know if it will fit where you want to place it. You need to consider measurements before buying a safe. Obviously, you’d want one with appropriate size that can store all your firearms and other valuable items. Plus you’ll also want to factor in the fact that whether you intend to expand your firearm collection over time.

Weight – The weight of the safe is another important feature you’d want to consider before making the purchase, as a safe that weighs less than 300 pounds will most likely not deter theft. A lighter safe might seem a little easier to maneuver at first, but you cannot count on it under desperate circumstances. A 500+ pound safe would be more adequate as someone trying to carry it out of your home is left with a little bit more trouble in doing so.

Lock Type – Another important factor is the lock type and here you have to consider if you wish to have a manual or electronic safe/biometric safe installed on your house. You have to understand your needs as to what kind of safety you’d prefer – whether you’ll be contended with the manual safe that has a lock and a key or you wish to go with a combination lock that requires an access code to unlock it. Additionally, you can also have a biometric kind of safe which scans your fingerprint to gain access.

Locking Bolt – You have to consider if you can bolt down the safe as some houses are built with post-tension slabs and one cannot drill into a concrete foundation. In this case, you can buy yourself a little heavy gun safe as they do not require bolting down. A good secure safe should have at least 4 bolts, however, more than 4 would be even better. The thickness of the bolts is equally crucial in keeping your safe impenetrable.


Storage Space – Do you have enough space in your room? A gun safe should provide you with enough room to grow, especially if you plan to expand your collection of firearms in the coming future for safekeeping. You also have to consider how much it’s going to take after it has been installed. Make sure you visualize how much space it would take in your room before you make the purchase.

Fireproofing/Waterproofing – Would you like to purchase a safe that is fireproof or waterproof or would you just like to go with an ordinary safe? Depending upon the intensity and the length of exposure, a good gun safe with proper fireproofing rating might be able to ensure the safety of your valuable possessions or firearms under fire. Plus having a safe that is waterproof will ensure that your firearms remain protected even in the event that your safe is completely underwater.

Construction – The most important part of a safe is how well it’s constructed or what kind of materials are used in the making process. A poorly built safe will not be able to keep your firearms secure under desperate circumstances such as fire or burglary. It’s also important to determine the true thickness of the safe’s wall. Walls made of 7-gauge steel or thicker offer better protection against fire and theft.

Security Ratings – Understanding the various security ratings is probably the best way to determine how strong a safe is and to what extent it can withstand a forceful pressure. Almost every firearm falls under the classification of a residential security container (RSC) and certified by Underwriters Laboratories. There are other subsets of ratings which define how secure a safe is. It’s always advisable to purchase a safe with a rating of UL 1037. It’s not a good idea to purchase a safe with a lower rating.

Price – Last but not the least, the price of the safe determines how far you’re willing to go to keep your firearms safe and secure. Determining your budget can help you narrow down your choices. There are plenty of options out there both expensive and budget-friendly. You have to understand your requirements to better decide if you’re okay to go a bit over budget or you wish to keep it under budget.

These are some of the important features to guide you in the right direction before making the purchase. Make sure you make the right choice when buying a gun safe as it’s a very important investment keeping our firearms secure while keeping you within the law at the same time.

Best Gun Safes Reviewed and Tested in 2016

In order to help you make your decision a little easier, we’ve put together a list of best gun safes on the market today you can purchase with all the information you may want to know. We have done extensive research to create this list, so you can have professional grade security without breaking the bank. Fortunately, in the past few years more and more of these have been hitting the market and that’s good news for you. There are plenty of options for you to choose from. In the meantime, take a quick look at our top picks.

9. Winixson 12.5" Electronic Digital Lock Keypad Safe

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This ultra-strong, solid steel digital depository drop cash safe box guarantees complete security for quick depository such as cash, paperwork, or employee turnover – doesn’t matter if you’re in your home or not. The best thing about the safe is that you can easily override the electronic lock with a “Safety Key” override. The code consists of 3-8 programmed PIN digits for an extra layer of security plus the keyless design is safe and convenient to use. With the advanced magnetic lock system, you don’t need keys or pin code to lock the safe – it auto-locks itself. Priced reasonably, this is a great option for pistol owners.
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Like any safe box, it’s built to stop any unauthorized access to your valuable possessions, thanks to the tamper-proof hinges plus it also restricts any unwanted access after 3 incorrect combination attempts. There’s also an override key in case of any malfunctions and there’s carpet padding on the inside bottom. This one’s a bit heavier but the added weight makes it feel much more secure, which means thieves are less likely to carry the locked object away. Well, overall it’s a great value-for-money product and an investment worth making, considering all the security features.

8. Ivation Quick Access Electronic Gun Safe

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The Ivation Quick Access Electronic Gun Safe is virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools, thanks to its 16-gauge steel construction, reliable high-strength locking mechanism, and precise fittings. Reasonably well-priced, the Ivation gun safe is the perfect vault to keep your valuable possessions out of the wrong hands and prying eyes. The interior is protected by a soft foam liner, while a removable steel shelf enables you to change the vault’s layout to suit your storage needs. Pre-drilled anchoring holes on the bottom of the vault are specially designed for flush mounting to the wall without any visible bolts, for added protection.
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Four rubberized buttons serve as the keypad for entering the safe’s unlocking code. You can program your personal passcode from 256 user-selectable combination possibilities in mere seconds. The onboard digital system blocks access after repeated unsuccessful attempts, and audio feedback confirms each entry. The Ivation safe works with four AA batteries plus there’s a low battery indicator which alerts you to change the batteries. In case you forgot the passcode or the batteries are drained, you can use the included override keys to manually unlock the safe. Locking the safe door back up simply requires you to push the door until the latch clicks.

7. Artemis Biometric Gun Safe

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Secure your peace of mind without worrying about the security of your valuable firearms with this virtually indestructible and very reliable Artemis Biometric Gun Safe. Constructed from a weapons-grade polycarbonate polymer, which is the same glass used in bulletproof glass and body armor, the Artemis gun safe is a perfectly secured safety box for your firearm. The “Second Touch” biometric fingerprint scanning technology guarantees a reliable and instant performance, meaning you can always have that peace of mind that your valuable possessions are safe. This technology provides a reliable security solution at a much more affordable price so you can have that extra layer of security without breaking the bank.
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The fingerprint program is easy to use, program and can accept up to 200 unique fingerprints, making it secure enough to prevent any unauthorized access or accidental handling of firearms. Plus it is small enough to fit under your bed or inside the closet yet large enough to easily keep your 1911 Model handguns and ammo safe. For added security, a loud tamper alarm is installed and will create a loud sound after 5 unsuccessful or unauthorized attempts. Additionally, the safe has four mounting holes and includes an anchoring cable to secure it in place. It’s equipped with four AA batteries which provide up to 4,000 scanner operations, or approximately 1 year of use.

6. GunVault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

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GunVault is the leading specialist in gun safes for home and office and other security solutions for handguns and firearms. It provides the latest in security technology solutions through its wide range of gun safes, one of which is the very reliable Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe. It’s incredibly lightweight and compact that allows you to keep your firearms secure. Outside is constructed with a heavy-gauge steel, soft foam padding on the inside to protect the pistol, high-strength lock mechanism, plus the precise fittings make it virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools. The safe is compact enough to fit inside a briefcase or a backpack, providing security and quick access on-the-go.
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GunVault’s No-Eyes keypad technology helps you easily access the microvault – you just have to push a button to open the safe. A tamper indicator is present in this notebook-style case that indicates when an invalid entry is attempted. Built-in computer blocks access after repeated invalid keypad entries. Conveniently located keypad is easy and convenient to use. The MV500-STD provides only the latest in security solutions such as biometric security option and patented finger pad sequence solution so you will have that peace of mind that your valuables are secure.

5. Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe

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For those who want to invest in a high level of security that also provides fast access, the Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe is your best bet. Introducing the RAPiD safe – a revolutionary concept in firearm protection that combines intuitive ease of access with safety and security – it’s the first to use patent-pending Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for instant access. The RFID tag is embedded in a wearable bracelet, a convenient key fob or inside a plastic card you can easily store in your wallet. Just wave the RFID in front of the reader and the safe opens instantly to present your handgun. The safe is also pre-programmed with a simple four-button passcode that can be entered to access the safe.
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Built to exceed the ASTM International performance standards for youth resistance firearms safes, the RAPiD safe provides a high level of child resistance and unauthorized access protection. Exterior housing is made of thick 16-gauge steel weighing over 15 pounds and features a heavy-duty ¼" steel dual-lug locking system. Inside the safe is the padded RAPiD sleeve that presents handguns at the perfect angle. Also, includes a security cable that is rated to 1500 lbs which secure the safe to an immobile object for additional theft protection. Plus the AC and battery power ensure your handgun is protected and ready to go 24/7.

4. Fortress Alarming Quick Access Pistol Safe

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The Fortress Alarming Quick Access Pistol Safe features Alarm-U, a tamper and a motion-sensitive programmable alarm that makes it a trustworthy choice for your most valuable possessions, especially your prized firearms. The Whisper Quiet Quick Button Keypad allows you to program your own personal code, alarm and gain access to your firearms quickly in an emergency. The pistol safe comes with a heavy steel durable construction that resists tampering and unauthorized access. Plus it has enough rooms for two handguns, making it ideal for safe storage at home or within a business. The best part – it comes with a 10-year product warranty and lifetime attack warranty.
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With a programmable e-lock and spring loaded drop down door, this unit is easy and convenient to use as well as very secure. The safe also comes with an override key for trouble-free access in case of an emergency plus it also has a removable shelf that can be taken out for even more room. It’s a great value-for-money product ideal for keeping pistols and other small items safe from prying eyes or away from the reach of children. The thin foam padding inside is sufficient enough to prevent contact with your items, and there’s an ample room for your pocket guns, holsters, and extra magazines. All of this places this item high up on our best gun safes list!

3. First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun or Pistol Safe

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Number 3 on our best gun safes list, this quick-entry handgun safe is your ideal portable solution to safeguard your pistol and ammunition. The First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun or Pistol Safe is made of heavy-duty 18-gauge steel and features an innovative No-Eyes keypad that allows you to easily access the safe in the dark or while keeping your eyes on the doorway. It has a black powder coated finish plus the door is spring loaded to give you quick and easy access. The safe features an electronic keypad with a programmable 3-8 digits no-see passcode, providing secure theft protection. It runs off a 9-volt battery which gives you approximately 8 hours of battery life when in use.
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A spring-loaded door locking mechanism opens quickly upon entry of the passcode to allow easy and fast access to contents in the event of an emergency, and a foam padded interior which protects your contents during storage. It comes with a 1500-pound test security cable and pre-drilled holes so that you can mount this gun safe securely in your vehicle, behind your nightstand, under your bed, or even in a drawer inside the closet. The First Alert 5200DF is a great value product for someone who wants basic protection for their pistols and handguns, plus it is easy to use and secure when you need it the most. And it’s noise free.

2. Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe

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The rock-solid 16-gauge steel construction of the Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault Standard Gun Safe keep your most valuable and dangerous possessions out of the reach of the people that shouldn’t have them, whey they are thieves or irresponsible family members, yet keep them close by and quickly accessible when you need them the most. The GunVault’s patented No-Eyes keypad provides lighting-quick access, even in the dark. Built-in computer blocks access after repeated unsuccessful keypad entries and audio feedback confirms each correct keypad entry. Audio disable option adds security of operating in silent mode.
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High-strength lock mechanism performs reliably and the precise fittings make it virtually impossible to pry open the safe with hand tools. Soft foam padding on the inside makes sure your valuables are safe and secure inside the safe. And the safe is large enough to comfortably hold two guns, which is good if you carry one with you all the time while keeping the other home defense pistol at home for other members of the family. It also comes with keypad tamper indicator and a delay/block for 24 consecutive incorrect entries, plus backup keyed entry if you forget your combination or if the battery dies or in case of component failure. It also has a motion sensor and audible alarm that goes off when the safe is tampered with.

1. SnapSafe Lock Box

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Number one on our best gun safes list, the SnapSafe Lock Box provides secure storage solutions for your handguns and other valuable possessions at home, on a nightstand, in the car, or when traveling. This is probably one of the sturdiest gun safes available in this price range and it comes with a heavy steel cable that you can wrap around a car seat mounting bracket, preferably under the passenger seat so it does not slide out or interfere with your feet on the pedals. The Lock Box also provides security for conceal carry permit holders who need a safe, secure place to store their firearm when not carrying.
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It features a robust metal tab lock that comes with 2 keys and you’ll be impressed with the heavy-duty 16-gauge steel heft of this lock box and its fit and finish. The thick steel construction and high-quality foam padding ensure that your firearms and valuables travel securely anywhere you go. The interior top and bottom are lined with 1/2" thick memory fitting foam for added security and storage. An upgraded security cable is included with each handgun safe.

Decision Time

Owning a gun is an investment and it’s not cheap either plus it requires documentation or permits to own one, therefore great care should be taken when you have one in your possession. Taking a good care of your gun is essentially important in order to make it last longer. The most important thing if you’re a firearm owner is you need to take responsibility in keeping both your family and gun secure while at home or on the road. This is where the gun safe comes in extremely handy to keep your firearm locked away safely and securely when home or while traveling. Do not put this off longer than you should because accidents happen at any time or moment.