ALMAR ALS2K Sere 2000 Stainless Steel Knife

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ALMAR ALS2K Sere 2000 Stainless Steel Knife


The ALMAR ALS2K SERE 2000 Stainless Steel knife is a rigid pocket knife. Designed by the late Al Mar in partnership with an Israeli veteran; the SERE 2000 may be a pocket knife, but it aims to be a folding version of a fixed blade tactical knife. This makes it perfect for hunting use.


Even though knives produced by ALMAR are production knives that are made in Japan, they are world renowned for their ability to deliver extremely precise and durable knives. As it can be seen with the ALMAR SERE 2000, the fit and finish of the knives are at a level matching those of semi-custom level knives. Similarly to other knives of the company, the SERE 2000 has a very confident and secure fit of the parts and you would be able to feel the durable and confident quality of the knife just by opening it. The level of quality of the knives produced by ALMAR is so great that they have achieved a level of being great collectible pieces for knife enthusiasts.

The blade of the ALMAR ALS2K Sere features a stainless steel blade with a spear-point dagger design. This proves to be a great choice for hunters, as stainless steel knives are far more durable under adverse conditions and can be sharpened much easier than carbon steel ones.

The ALMAR ALS2K SERE has a durable folder that is uniquely designed to provide with a firm grip. Differentiating from other pocket knives, the folder has a slightly curved edge near the blade with a thumb ramp, similar to a tactical knife. Nonetheless the folder contains of two G10 handles bundled together through an open-pillar construction and features a liner lap mechanism. The blade opens up with the help of dual stump thuds. Designed with extreme precision, the blade requires some force to open up with a thumb only and requires some getting used to. However, this shouldn't be an issue, if you provide some additional force when opening it. As a whole the blade opens up quite smoothly and confidently.

The handle also has a small lanyard hole as well as a black low rider clip with an tip-up carry design. What's great about the clip is that it is reversible, letting you easily carry the ALMAR SERE 2000 Stainless Steel pocket knife however you prefer.

  • Blade Length - 3.6 inches

  • Weight - 6 ounces

  • Tip-Up Black Low Rider Clip

  • Dual Thumb Studs

  • VG10 Stainless Steel Blade

  • Spear-Point Dagger Blade Design

  • Final Thoughts

    Designed with precision and accuracy the ALMAR ALS2K SERE stainless steel folding knife is not your usual pocket knife. While some argue that the 6 ounce weight is too much for a pocket knife, the build and the idea behind the SERE 2000 is what requires it. Having a folder with a handle design that you can usually see on tactical knives, the ALS2K is much similar to a pocket version of a dagger, than it is to your usual pocket knife.

    This is further proven by the point spear-point dagger design of the blade itself. Made of stainless steel the blade is highly durable in adverse conditions and as a whole the ALMAR ALS2K is perfect part of the hunting equipment of a hunter. Providing to be a great addition to the proven quality line of products delivered by Almar, the SERE 2000 is a high quality folding knife, which is a definite recommendation for everyone, who'd like to have a great pocket knife in their collection, whether for hunting use or even simply as a collectible. With a stainless steel blade, you can rest assured that you will be satisfied with your purchase of this knife.